Upcoming Malaysia CGI Movies (with trailers)

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa / 
The Malay Chronicle : Bloodline

An epic film directed by Yusry Abdul Halim. "Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa" is an action packed film filled with mythical characters that uses computer generated imagery (CGI). The story tells of a warrior and sea captain named Merong Mahawangsa who is of Iskandar Zulkarnain's descendent. Merong Mahawangsa was asked to escort the Prince of Rome to Langkasuka to marry the beautiful Princess of China from the Han Dynasty. Soon, they encounter various difficulties as the Princess of China is kidnapped and Merong Mahawangsa and his group of soldiers are attacked.


"Magika" tells of Ayu (Diana Danielle) and Malik (Fimie Don), two siblings who are in mourning after the death of their mother. Malik feels guilty as he thinks he caused their mother's death. One evening, after a fight with his sister, Malik goes walking in the woods until he gets lost in a magical world called Magika. The Nenek Kebayan (Ziana Zain) and her follower Awang Kenit capture Malik to be the main ingredient of their youthful herbal medicine that can only be made using children's tears. Ayu tries to save her brother but also gets trapped in Magika. There, Ayu and Malik meet Malay mythical characters such as Badang (Mawi), Naga Tasik Chini, Puteri Bunian (Maya Karin), and many more.


Adnan Saladin (Rosyam Nor), Malaysia's King of Takraw is seeking for talented takraw players to win back the traditional takraw ball from Thailand. This unique and vicious world takraw championship demands not only takraw skills but also martial art skills. In the hunt for the right protegees, he is left without a choice but to accept helpless Hamidi (Johan Raja Lawak) and Ku Mok (Fadzly Kamarulzaman). He also encounters several tests including the limited training time and love dilemma with Ratna (Scha Al-Yahya).


Haq is an action film concerning the struggle between good and evil. Haq (Zul Huzaimy) and Bad (Adi Putra) are gifted with special powers. Bad, who was adopted by Haqs family, has a deep-seated hatred for Haq. He uses his powers to tarnish Haqs good name. Haq, however, refrains from using his powers to stop Bad until he finds himself cornered by the latter. The $800000 film, which according to the director incorporates subtle Islamic values, also stars Nanu Baharudin, Raja Farah and Fatimah Abu Bakar. HAQ began production in February and is only now in the final stages of post-production as a result of heavy CGI work.

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