What is a Logo ?

This posting going to be in English, so don't be amaze or playing stupid ok, it just sometimes I need to improves my English from time to time. I'll still be talking about our Independence day logo and how I don't like it at all, but 1st let us add up some more knowledge about LOGO from some website that i found.

What is a Logo?
A brand’s name is what the company or product is called. The tagline is a phrase or statement that says a little more about the brand than what the name can. The logo is the visual representation of these two and brings them all together.
There are 3 primary types of logos.
1. Text Only – A logo can be visually represented simply as text. This can be done with a readily identifiable font for branding purposes or even a plain font. The “Coca-Cola” logo with its iconic script font may be the crown jewel in this category. Another example is the logo for “IBM” with its plain font, but is creatively identifiable from the horizontal lines. 
2. Text Incorporated into Icon – These logos are characterized by the brand name being embedded into a recognizable icon (graphic symbol).

Two examples of this are:
a. Adidas, with its three stripes. The three stripes are iconic, but without “Adidas”, they’d be a bit lost on the consumer and likely difficult to identify.
b. Volkswagen, where the stacked “VW” are integrated into the seal/emblem, of which would be nothing without the letters.
3. Text with Option for Stand Alone Icon – A logo can and often does incorporate an icon or visual image accompanied by text. In extreme circumstances, this icon can have such strong brand equity that the icon itself can stand alone.
An example of this is Nike. The logo not only incorporates the text of the Nike name, but is accompanied by the recognizable swoosh icon.
Nike will even market the swoosh as a stand-alone image due to its incredibly strong brand equity.
Once the logo has been designed, the final piece is to incorporate the tagline, so a company can have two primary versions, with and without tagline.

There are no rules in designing a logo. Fonts, icon design and color palettes lend to a great deal of creativity. Regardless, a new company developing their brand identity should take into account their brand’s personality and make sure that the logo design is a good fit.
The InStar Group believes that for a new brand starting out, the brand name should be incorporated into the primary logo for branding purposes. Not everybody starts out as strong as a Nike.
Ok, from the explainantion above we can consider our Independence Day latest logo can be categorized in the third category Text with Option for Stand Alone Icon, but in the next posting we'll try to go further try to find some more opinion about creating a good logo. TQ

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